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The Mennel Milling Company, Fostoria QA lab has been using TGA-1000 for over two years on flour moisture and ash. We are very pleased with the machine and your excellent service. The machine makes things so easy for us to have both moisture and ash in a very short time with multiple samples. The accuracy and precision have been approved by participating over two years AACCI international and Cincinnati check sample programs. I highly recommended our Roanoke QA lab to have one your TGA at recent Semi-annual QA Managers meeting in our company. We got AACCI Cincinnati Section Ash 1st Runner-up in 2016 which is the first time this lab won AACCI Cincinnati check sample award.

Shuping Yan
QA Manager
Fostoria QA lab

We evaluated several instruments, and in 2018 purchased a Navas TGA-2000A-38 for our highest throughput measurement. Based on our experience with this unit, we purchased 3 more instruments the following year. They have proven to be a labor-saving replacement for the old ways. The instruments have been reliable and accurate.

Honeywell customer

Our Lab has been using TGA-1000A for several years now. We use TGA mainly to determine volatile and ash in plastic samples.

DS, Kwak from LG chem in Korea

By reference from other laboratories we reviewed Navas’s line of TGA units and after discussion with yourself elected to first lease, trialed the performance, then purchased a model TGA – 2000 in year 2016. We have been using that instrument on a routine basis achieving typically achieving two to three batch runs per day, each run being 38 analysis (samples plus QC reference materials). The performance of that unit was satisfactory which prompted TraDet to purchase a second TGA Model 2000 in March 2017. The decision to purchase a second unit was based on the satisfactory performance of the first unit plus Navas’s commitment to service including training, troubleshooting issues and software modifications specific to our needs.

Richard P. Whitt
TraDet Laboratories

Here at NRM we run almost 24 hours a day and can, therefore, see close to 500 samples through our 4 TGA-2000 instruments daily. We have found the Navas instruments to be robust and reliable, requiring little maintenance beyond general housekeeping. We have recently expanded our usage of the Navas TGA capabilities, testing purity in formulations using thermo gravimetric analysis at widely differing temperatures (180°C - 1000°C). The ability to write and run multiple furnace programmes on the same instrument has been incredibly beneficial to us as a company. We would not hesitate to recommend the NAVAS TGA-2000.

Lloyd Kadhani
Laboratory Manager (NRM Ltd)

Our coal analysis lab has been using Navas TGA’s since November of 2006. We have been extremely happy with our dual furnaces. The set up was easy and Navas trained us and answered any questions before, during and after the purchase with superior customer service. We have had very few problems with the furnaces or the software. The few times we have had questions, we have had quick and expert advice way above and beyond the average technical support. The instrument is very reliable and requires very little upkeep. The few minor things that have been done, have been easily fixed with little or no down time. Our instrument technician for our laboratory is highly impressed with the Navas TGA hardiness and would gladly recommend buying any instrument that Navas builds based on the experience he has had with our TGA’s. The Navas TGA’s have been very reliable.  We have not experienced any drift problems that we had with our previous instrument. The automatic lid covering that TGA has for volatiles is wonderful.  The safety aspect alone makes this a must have for those who run volatiles. I am much more comfortable with the reliability of the volatile results, as the lids and crucibles fit and never “pop” off. The calibration is reliable and the software is easy to use. Navas e-mails or contacts us to see if we have any questions, or to inform us of any updates.  I would happily try any of Navas’s products based on our experience with their company.

Karen Mattoon
Chemical Analysis Technician
Great River Energy

Dakota Gasification Company Chemistry Lab purchased 2 TGA 2000s on the first of this year. The instruments were installed in September of 2007 to allow us to preview the performance prior to purchase. We have found the performance of these instruments outstanding. They are hardy and very stable instruments. The precision and accuracy for our volatile calibration on this instrument is excellent. The pragmatic design and efficient operation along with durability and stability make these the best TGAs we have in our Lab. (we have 3 others) Navas Instruments is very accommodating to customers (we received our instruments in September and bought them the following January) The support is top rate. Even though our instruments have not had so much as crucible drift or any malfunction to date, Navas Instruments calls or e-mails on occasion to see if their instruments are performing satisfactory. They are always looking to improve their products and are eager to update systems for better customer use. This is an outstanding instrument and I am quite sure all Navas instruments come with the same pragmatic, hearty characteristics as ours.

James Bittner Sr.Chemist
Coal/Fuels/MicroBiology Dept.
Dakota Gasification Company