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Hardness tester
illumination Straight line
Problems: None
On side or back
Problems: Complicated construction, complicated to repair, very difficult to align, it requires lamps of high power
Lenses Long working distance
Problems: None, the indentations are black
Short working distance
Problems: The indentations have a cross that greatly affects the automatic measurements
Frame Cast iron, great stability, large opening, allows placement of large test samples and allows placement of adjustable sample holders Aluminum with small opening, only allows small samples, it does not support large samples or holders
Technical specifications Load: Minimum 10 grams, maximum 10,000 grams
Large range of weight combinations
Load: Minimum 10 grams, maximum 2,000 grams
Problem: Limited weight combinations
Precision motorized stages Manufactured by Navas Instruments, they are robust and support 50,000 - 200,000 g
Problem: none
Manufactured from others than the manufacturer of the instruments
Problem: Delicate and out of resellers control
Navas Instruments manufactures the complete system: Tester, motorized stage, electronics and software Some resellers have their own electronics and software, most purchase the electronics, stages and software from others
Problem: No control on final product