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Navas Instruments thermogravimetric analyzers for quality control and research used in the analysis of organic and inorganic materials
  • Navas Instruments policy is to constantly improve and upgrade TGA software and hardware (patents) for customer-specific needs.
  • It is not our policy to charge customers high prices on parts or service but to have a satisfied customer base.
  • The parts used in Navas Instruments are standard, brand name, digital precision balances, standard frames, all standard components that do not require a highly-trained technician to repair.
    However for our customers convenience we do maintain a complete parts and service department.
  • The Navas TGAs are controlled with a desktop PC or laptop through a standard USB connection

Fully automatic operation, auto crucible cover placement and removal for volatiles

Manual operation, manual placement and removal of crucible cover with the furnace lid open at high temperature

No danger of covers falling inside furnace and loss of analysis

Possible danger of covers falling inside furnace and loss of analysis

In case of power failure only a backup power supply of 300 watts is needed
(only to support the PC)

In case of power failure, a very expensive backup power supply of 4000 watts is needed (PC and furnace)

Productivity - works unattended at night or weekends

Operator needed for removing crucible covers at 600 ºC

All mechanical, pneumatic and electrical parts are standard (very few proprietary components)

Parts are competitor specific, only replaceable by same manufacturer

Complete brand name digital precision balance with display with 0.1 mg sensitivity for easy troubleshooting

No balance, just a load cell and expensive to replace

Software upgrades available

Software upgrades are not easily available

Automatic restart after power failure

Automatic restart after power failure is not available

Does not require highly-trained technician to repair, no special training needed

Can only be repaired by trained personnel, more costly.